I would like to take you along into my musical world.

In these projects I realize with my musician colleagues my own compositions as well as interpretations of jazz standards and old school swing.


The EigenGrau Ensemble is a collaborative initiative between the EigenGrau Trio, the Isle Quartet and singer/composer Giulia Rosanna.

The ensemble started off as a jazz trio in 2021, when pianist Simon Gelsdorf joined forces with  bassist Thor Johansen and drummer Nikolas Tsangaris to form the EigenGrau Trio.

After a year of performing, Simon’s interest in film music compells him to compose for a larger ensemble alongside the existing piano trio. He combines the trio with the Isle Quartet, consisting of violinists Sybren Holwerda and Linda Lukas, violist Irene Garcia and cellist Elsa Le Moigne, and
singer/composer Giulia Rosanna to establish the EigenGrau Ensemble.

In his compositions, Simon combines eclectic jazz, velvet yet lively strings and smooth vocals into refreshing, original music. This exciting hybrid draws its influences from jazz artists such as Brad Mehldau and Shai Maestro and film composers like Joe Hisaishi and Hans Zimmer.

This summer, the EigenGrau Ensemble officially published their first two singles Eigenlicht and Icarus.

Het EigenGrau Ensemble is een samenwerking tussen het EigenGrau Trio, het Isle Quartet en zangeres/componiste Giulia Rosanna.

Het ensemble begon als jazz trio in 2021, toen pianist Simon Gelsdorf samen met bassist Thor Johansen en drummer Nikolas Tsangaris het EigenGrau Trio oprichtte.

Na een jaar van optredens met het trio, kreeg Simon de ingeving om zijn interesse in film muziek te uiten in het componeren voor een groter ensemble. Hij combineerde het trio met het ISLE Quartet, bestaande uit violisten Sybren Holwerda en Linda Lukas, altvioliste Irene Garcia en
celliste Elsa Le Moigne, en zangeres/componiste Giulia Rosanna om het EigenGrau Ensemble te vormen.

In zijn composities, combineert Simon veelzijdige jazz, fluwelen strijkers en zuivere zang tot originele muziek, geïnspireerd door jazz artiesten zoals Brad Mehldau en Shai Maestro en film componisten zoals Joe Hisaishi en Hans Zimmer.

Deze zomer heeft het EigenGrau Ensemble haar eerste twee singles, Eigenlicht en Icarus, uitgebracht.


Eigengrau is a experimental piano trio, founded in 2021 by students of the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.

Simon Gelsdorf on piano, Thor Johansen on bass and Nikolas Tsangaris on drums. The members originate from Germany, Denmark and Cyprus and therefore come from a multi-international musical background which they explore and
combine into new, exporative, energetic compositions.

Their music incorporates a variety of different genres, such as Nordic Jazz, classical music, as well as rhythms inspired by middle eastern artists such as Tigran Hamasyan, Avashai Cohen and Shai Maestro.


The Royal Croquettes play old school Jazz from the Twenties to the Fourties.

The Royal Croquettes was formed in 2019 because of a shared passion for the early jazz era amongst the bandmembers. They met at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague during the first year of their bachelor and have played together ever since! The band's personnel is unique because of its international members! (5 different nationalities)
The band plays pre-swing and swing era jazz by legends like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and many more. They perform arrangements done by different band members (Niccolò Angioni and Simon Gelsdorf), giving their own personal touch to old classics.
The Royal Croquettes are active in the jazz scene of Den Haag since 2021, they play for jazz clubs, bars and festivals, as well as for big dance events, such as with the Hague Hoppers.



Kristians Kalva and Simon Gelsdorf first met for the Princes Cristian Competition in 2019 and kept on playing together since then.

The sound of the Duo is influenced by the contemporary ECM sound, incorporating middle/north european folk music and classicalmusic with a modern harmonic and melodic Jazz language.
After publishing two singles, they push their creative boundaries by creating their new comer album “Impro Sketches Vol.1” with a twist. Every song on it is freely improvised with only having discussed a title beforehand, following their emotions associated with that title.